Saturday, 24 March 2018

3rd Annual Great Canadian NCPH Gathering - Vegas Edition

Hello there fellow Canadian Public Historians! 

Are you getting all ready for your trip to this year's NCPH annual meeting being held in America's Playground of Las Vegas? Are you slightly concerned that the glow of the neon lights will make you miss the Northern Lights? Are you worried that because Celine Dion keeps cancelling her Vegas concerts she's giving Canadians a reputation of being a bunch of quitters? Maybe you're concerned that everyone will notice your fear of the NAFTA agreement being terminated during your stay and our American hosts won't even be aware that the agreement existed in the first place? 

Well, my Canadian friend, I'm happy to inform you that there's a spot for you in Sin City for you to feel some Canuck comfort because the annual Great NPCH Canadian Gathering is once again taking place (this is the 3rd year in a row...we've totally set up a longstanding tradition that will last forever)! 

Yes, this is an opportunity for you to meet up with some fellow Canadian Public Historians, discuss our impressions of the annual meeting so far, build up your network and discuss the fact that our fantastic American hosts have only the foggiest understanding of why the Queen is our head of state and on our money.

Hi Lizzy!

Now that you're starting to build your arguments about how Canada can be an independent nation without ever having needed to rebel against our monarch, you're obviously asking: I want in but where will we ever find a safe shelter that will allow us to quench our parched throats? Happy you asked! 


Friday April 20th at 8.30pm

Born and Raised Craft Pub (3641 S Las Vegas Blvd Ste 410) in the Grand Bazaar

This is a bit of a different approach - this is in the open air section of the Bazaar where we can congregate with several different options for food and drink.

To get there, take the monorail to the Bally's & Paris Station and then head towards Bally's.

So come and join us (and please let me know if you're interested at jp5morin [at] Please note that all non-Canucks are, of course, welcome and invited to come and join in. Everyone needs more Canadians in their lives (but be warned that we will likely end up making fun of Celine, and arguing about why the Leafs suck even if they're winning!).

See you all there, eh!