Thursday, 10 September 2015

Things I've learnt after 3 weeks at Carleton...

1- driving around campus is the least efficient way to get anywhere.
2- no matter the time of day, the line up at the Starbucks in MacOdrum is always the same length : long!
3- no matter which direction you have to walk, it will be uphill.
4- the hallways in Paterson are either as quiet as a tomb, or as noisy as a rock concert. There's no in-between.
5- there is far more swearing in a government office than an academic office.
6- using the tunnels is both cool and a great way to get lost.
7- people on campus are very interested in helping you...and they're freakishly friendly about it.
8- some students are apparently here only to play Frisbee in the Quad...for 5 hours straight.
9- using a computer that doesn't have multiple layers of security and web blocking sensors is making me both nervous and exhilarated.
10- some students on the O-train are, um, shall we say a "bit ripe".