Thursday, 11 February 2016

The Great NCPH Canuck Gathering!

Are you a Canadian Public Historian heading to Baltimore for the NCPH's annual meeting in March 2016? Are you worried about people there simply won't understand your need to say "Sorry!" at the end of every sentence? Or are you worried that you simply won't be able to handle weather that doesn't require 5 layers of clothing and that you'll feel naked? Maybe you're worried that someone will realise that you feel a bit confused by the monochromatic nature of American money?

Well, my Canadian friend, I've got a great suggestion for you as I'd like to inform you of the first (and after this year hopefully annual) Great NPCH Canuck Gathering! Yes, this is an opportunity for you to meet up with some fellow Canadian Public Historians, discuss our impressions of the annual meeting so far, build up your network and discuss the fact that our fantastic American hosts have no idea how to pronounce the word "toque"! 

Now that you're intrigued by the idea of a fascinating conversation on the pronunciation of the word toque, you're obviously asking: I want in, but where will we ever find a safe shelter that will allow us to quench our parched throats? Happy you asked! 

We shall gather at the Pratt Street Ale House (, just a few blocks away from the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel, after the Public Plenary Session (which is from 6 to 7.30 pm on Friday, March 18th) at 8pm. The libation selection looks great as does the food offerings. I'm not sure they'll have poutine on the menu, but it can't hurt to ask them to make some up - maybe we'll start a new Baltimore trend!

So come and join us (and please let me know if you're interested at jp5morin [at] Please note that all non-Canucks are, of course, welcome and encouraged to come and join the party. Everyone needs more Canadians in their lives (but be warned that we may politely make fun of the way you say the word "about" before quickly apologizing).

See you all there, eh!